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Jim Wyse, Coordinator

Economic Development

Jim Wyse - Economic Development Coordinator

Jim Wyse was appointed Economic Development Coordinator for the Village of Archbold (VOA) in February of 2022.  Previously he served the Village as Mayor from 2004-2016.  He has also served on the board of the Archbold Community Improvement Corporation (CIC) since 2002 and has been President of the CIC since 2006.  Jim was recognized as the 2008 Archbold Citizen of the Year because of his focus and concern for economic growth and development in the community.  Jim’s background working for the State of Ohio, serving on various boards in Fulton County and the private sector as an insurance agent for many years uniquely qualifies him to assist the Archbold business community. 

Tax Abatement and Incentives:
The Community Reinvestment Area (CRA) program provides tax abatement for new construction and remodeling projects in commercial, industrial and residential areas.

The entire municipal boundary of the Village of Archbold has been designated for eligibility of the CRA with tax exemptions ranging up to 15 years.  CRAs can provide tax relief for all residential construction with a heavy focus on new construction.  On a case by case basis, the Village of Archbold along with support from the Archbold Area School District can offer abatements to commercial developments.  For more information please contact Aaron Alt, Assistant Administrator and Housing Officer at 419-446-2109.