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Economic Development

What is Economic Development?

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The Village of Archbold's Economic Development
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Department strives to promote economic growth

and retain jobs in the private sector. Thoughtful
planning and outreach can boost a community's
prosperity and improve its quality of life.

The Economic Development Department
collaborates with businesses and officials, and
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provides assistance through the application of
programs and grants available for local businesses
and industries. Prospective entrepreneurs and
developers can work alongside our department,
which provides assistance in the following ways:
  • Locating properties available for development
  • excellence1 - Copy (2)Grant and loan administration
  • Advocacy for business expansion and improvements
  • Facilitating private-public networking and cooperation

Tax Abatement and Incentives:
The Community Reinvestment Area (CRA) program provides tax abatement for new construction and remodeling projects in commercial, industrial and residential areas.

The entire municipal boundary of the Village of Archbold has been designated for eligibility of the CRA with tax exemptions ranging up to 15 years.  CRAs can provide tax relief for all residential construction with a heavy focus on new construction.  On a case by case basis, the Village of Archbold along with support from the Archbold Area School District can offer abatements to commercial developments.  For more information please contact Aaron Alt, Village Planning Director and Housing Officer at 419-446-2109. 
Current Projects

Initiatives & Programs

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