Fitness Classes
April 3-May 20, 2017
  • 7 classes $21
  • 14 classes $32
  • 15 or more classes $42
STRONG by Zumba
Monday 5:30 PM 

Ruihley Park Pavilion
STRONG by Zumba is a music-led interval training that is crafted to drive the intensity in a challenging progression to achieve a total body workout.

Monday & Wednesday 5:30 pm

Ruihley Park Pavilion
This is a class you can be crazy about with various types of cardio including Step, dancing, and kickboxing. Plus some resistance training that will utilize various types of equipment while targeting numerous muscle groups. Who knew that exercising could be this fun!

Mat required.


Monday 6:30 PM

Yoga consists of basic Yoga postures, breathing and relaxation techniques.  Yoga posses and passive stretches are the focus of this artful format.  It’s a total body workout as you use the weight of your body to hold the various poses.

Gentle Yoga is a class for people new to Yoga or for those who are experiencing joint sensitivity, overall stiffness due to lack of activity or other physical limitations.

Intermediate Yoga covers yoga poses and their variations in more detail than the other classes and includes some challenging poses.  Poses are held longer than in the beginner classes in order to increase strength, balance and flexibility.

Tuesday & Thursday 4:30 pm
Tuesday & Thursday 5:30 pm