Online Payments

* Full payments only are accepted through this option*

(Please call the Utility Office at 419-445-4726 or stop in to make arrangements for partial Water and Sewer bill payments)

To Our Valued Water Customers:

For the ultimate in convenience and efficiency, please consider signing up for the Direct Withdrawal Bank Plan offered by the Village of Archbold. Also you can now have your water bill emailed to you. To enroll in either plan simply follow the links below or stop by the Water Billing office.

Why use the Bank Plan?

  1. You are in control – a copy of the bill for the month is still sent to you either by US mail or by email if you so desire. The payment transaction shows up on your monthly bank statement.
  2. You save money – there is usually no bank charge for ACH transfer payments. The Village charges extra only in case of payments rejected for insufficient funds.
  3. We save trees – paper checks are eliminated.
  4. If you choose the emailed bill option the Village and you save on paper and postage. That’s a win/win.
  5. Your payment will never be late so long as there are sufficient funds in the account. The transfer is done on the 10th of every month (except when it falls on weekends or holidays), and you avoid paying any costly 10% late fees. That also is a win/win.
  6. It costs nothing extra!

The Village of Archbold strives to hold water billing costs to a minimum so we can pass the savings on to you, the customer. Please help us to save money, time, and trees by enrolling in the Direct Withdrawal Bank Plan today. Save even more time and money by checking the box to receive your bills by email.