The Archbold Fire Department is committed to serving the community and its surrounding areas with professional fire and EMS protection. The department consists of dedicated and certified men and women who give of their time and continue to make house calls.

About the Department

Fire & EMS Chief, Dave Davis

The Fire Department’s mailing address is 103 West Mechanic Street and is located just south of the railroad tracks. The department has a second building, which houses additional equipment, and is located just north of the railroad tracks.

The department has six full time employees, including the Chief/EMS Supervisor, a Fire Inspector/Paramedic, and four more paramedics. The remaining members of the department are considered volunteer/part-time paid with the department currently totaling 36 members.

To become a member of the department, a person needs to become certified in both the EMS service as well as the fire service. The EMS training requires 130 hours of instruction, followed by a National Registry Test and continuing education of 36 hours every three years.

The fire training requires 160 hours of instruction, followed by a state certified fire test. The department and equipment is funded through three different sources. The fire protection equipment is funded through German Township, the EMS equipment is funded through Fulton County, and the facilities and wages are funded through the Village of Archbold.

Anyone interested in more information about the department or interested in becoming a member, can stop at the fire station or call 419-445-9506.

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Burning Ordinance
No person shall kindle or maintain an outdoor fire within the village for the purpose of burning leaves, branches, rubbish or any other waste material. (Ord. 81-56, passed 12-21-81)

Training Opportunities
The department offers training to residents, organizations, and companies in the areas of Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), choking victims, Automatic External Defibrillators (AED’s), and first aid. For more information, call 419-445-9506.

Department Equipment